I Seduced my Aunty for Sex with Me

Hi, guys, I am Vicky, my friends call me to stud. Today I am going to share my real-time experience with you. First of all, I want to tell you a little bit about my hot aunty who is my neighbour. She is having a big ass and her boobs are like sweet bumpy balls which are totally made for squeezing and rubbing. My aunt is a housewife and she is a widow. Her children are living in Chandigarh for their studies and come only on weekends to meet their mother.

Aunty used to come to my house for taking some help from my mother or when she is alone and bored with daily routine work. She used to call me “beta”. But I used to see her ass from behind as she was so hot and her boobs were always trying to come out from her blouse. As they were so big. I was looking for an opportunity to grab her and wishing that God let me do and arrange an opportunity for a poor guy like me.

One day I got the news that my aunty children are going abroad for a few years and aunty is very sad after listening to this and she was crying in front of my mom. I felt very sad for aunty that she is alone now. One day my mother was also not at home as she went to my grandparents home in town. So, I was also alone in my home. I was watching porn at my home and suddenly bell ringed and due to loud sound, I was not able to listen to a ringing bell. The door was open and she was the aunty and she came inside as she used to come in when my mother was at home. She saw me watching porn and she said hello to Vicky. I closed all the stuff and said hi hi hi aunty how are you. She said what were you watching. I said nothing suddenly something started on TV and I just watching what was that and you came. She said ok ok. No problem you kiddie boy.

She said give me some sugar and if you are free you can come to my home I will make you something good for you as your mother is not there. I was happy to hear this and said OK aunty I will come at 9 pm, will this be fine she said OK OK no problem. I will also be free at this time you can surely come at 9 pm. I was thinking to grab this opportunity and enjoy the night with aunty bubbly boobs and ass. But this was not at all simple as aunty was well-known for my mom. She could easily tell my mother about this.

So, I went to aunty home and she was dressed so light just with an almost transparent nighty. I was excited by watching my aunt in such a dress and she was so relaxed as showing that all is normal. But if everything would have normal why would my dick have grown too big in a few seconds. She has made great food and snacks for me. Suddenly, the rain started and she said if you do not mind you can stay here only. No one will come in the night at your home. I grabbed this opportunity and said Ok Aunty, I will stay here only. At the night we were watching a movie and suddenly she asked me what were you watching that day when I came to your home. I was shocked to hear these words by my aunty and said nothing aunty nothing. She said don’t feel me a kid I have already played all these things in the recent past. I said yes Aunty. I told her that was a porn movie and I was watching it. She asked who gave you that I told her my friends at school. She said I will tell your mom about this. I begged no please no aunty does not say anything otherwise my mom will insult me and hit me badly.

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So she said ok I will not but do not cry like kids. She said I am taking a bath now, you sleep in your room. I started watching that movie on my mobile which I was watching that day. Suddenly, ahhhh ahhhhh sound came from aunty room. I went there but she was not there. She was in the bathroom and she was saying I fell down, help me!. I asked from outside what happened aunty she said I fell down. I said aunty let me help you she said the ok door is open pick me up but close your eyes before coming in as I have not dressed anything yet. I was shocked to hear this and my dick suddenly raised up in style. My feelings get stronger and stronger every Minute. When I opened the door and saw aunty, she was lying down and her beautiful ass was facing towards me. Her face was down and she was saying ahhhh ahhhhh. I said aunty, where are you she said I fell down, please pick me up. I hold her hand and picked her and dropped her on this bed. I did not open my eyes. She said Vicky please bring my dress from inside and wear me my dress. as I hurt my hand and legs badly.

I was very happy after listening to this line from aunty. I bought aunty dress and asked her should I open my eyes aunty she said no. But I forced her that it will not be easy for me to wear her clothes without opening my eyes. She said ok, but you have to promise that this thing you will you never discuss with your mother nor with your friends. I said ok promise aunty! she was happy and she said ok now you can open your eyes.

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