I seduced my Aunty for Sex with Me part 2

When Aunty said open your eyes, I replied ok aunty. I opened my eyes and what I saw is incredible and hot aunty sitting nude in front of me. Her boobs were so big and round and I never saw such boobs in my life. She was so fair and sexy in her looks. She has no hairs on her body and she was just looking like a hot milf model and I was thankful to God who gave me such an opportunity to see such a hot and big booty.

I said to aunty that you are so hot she said stop these flirty things and help me in wearing my clothes. I helped her wearing clothes and after some time she said let me sleep now. I masturbate at the night by saying aunty fuck me ohhh aunty let me fuck you.

Next morning, I opened the door and saw aunty was still sitting on her bed and she told me that I am unable to walk, as both my hands and legs are hurt. She said I have to pee and use the washroom urgently. I said aunty tell me exactly what I have to do now. She said just promise me you will not tell these things to anyone. Otherwise, all my respect in society will be gone. I said ok aunty but what I have to do. She said you have to help me in the washroom, in the bedroom and in bathing etc everything. Now the time has come where I can deal with aunty. I said, aunty, what I will get she said what you want. I said I want to touch your boobs once. She was shocked by listening to these words from my mouth. She said beta. I said no aunty now I am a big guy. I have never touched so many beautiful boobs in my life. Please let me have an opportunity to touch an angel. She said no you can not touch my private things. I said aunty those private things are not private in front of me now. They are open and you have forced me to see all these things. She thought for a minute and agreed to this thing. She said firstly let me do all my morning work, in the evening you can touch my boobs once. I did not say anything as my plan was different.

I helped aunty in picking her up and dropped her in the bathroom. She then did her pee and said me to wash her vagina and I washed her pussy with the bathing rod. She then requested me to assist her as she is going to take a bath now. I said ok aunty. She said just pass me the shampoo and soap. I said aunty my clothes will be wet and all my clothes are dirty as mom is not there at home. Should I remove my clothes and bath with you? She refused, I forced her and said, aunty, what is this what is wrong with you. You are sitting naked in front of me and you do not care about my clothes. She understands me and said ok you can remove your clothes and I am sorry beta you are right.

I removed my clothes and I entered in the washroom. My dick was not standing when I entered the bathroom. As it was so long to see aunty naked and it was all normal now. She did not feel anything awkward when I entered the bathroom. She said ok lets bath now. She said run me soap on my body and I will rub shampoo on my hairs. I started rubbing soap on her body. I rubbed her back and legs and they were so soft and clean I was thinking I am in heaven. Then I rubbed her front side and suddenly by just touching her boobs my dick got strong like a rod and she was shocked to see this and said me what is this. I have never seen such a big dick in my life. My husband dick was just a half as you are having. I said yes aunty do you want to touch it. She said no. Just clean me asap so that I can work. But I was in another mood. I started making my mood and started rubbing her boobs and hugging her from the back side. Now both of us were so close and rubbing each other. It was difficult to tell that soap is soft or aunty was softer than soft.

I then pushed my hands towards her vagina and she suddenly started moaning and said no its ok there you do not have to do anything there. I said ok aunty but its dirty over there and smell. And you have to spend many days till everything got well. So you have to make yourself clean to avoid any further issues and diseases. She said ok Vicky again I feel you are right.

Now I placed one of my hand on her boobs and another hand over her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits with my hand. After a few seconds, she was excited so much that she just grabbed my penis in her hands and started rubbing my penis harder. I was so intimate with her that I forgot who is she and I just kissed her lips. We started kissing each other so hard and penis was so erect. She was rubbing my penis and her boobs were squeezed with my mouth now. She was so much excited now and started moaning loud. She was moaning hard and saying ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ufffffffff ufffff fuck me fuck me harder Vicky. I grabbed her hand and pushed her down on the floor and straight away opened her legs. Then I pushed my erect penis in her vagina and soap made it very easy to let my dick inside her pussy. A loud sound of each patch started coming from the bathroom and she was moaning like hell ahhhhh ahhhh fuck me fuck me fuck me harder Vicky fuck your aunty fuck me like you fucked your mother. And I fucked her badly. Then I cleaned her and took her in the bedroom and made her wear her clothes. After a few minutes, she called me and said Vicky do not tell anyone what happened today. I said ok aunty I won’t tell anyone but I need this thing daily to shut up my mouth.

So, I fucked her daily and she was like a fucking doll for me now. She used to call my husband and I used to call her milf. If you really like my story subscribe to my website and thanks for reading my life stories.

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