I fucked my sexy maid at home

Hi, guys, I am Vivek today I am going to tell you about my recent experience when I fucked my maid who was doing work in my home from past 3 years. Let me tell you first about my sexy maid as she is a hot woman with the figure of 32 30 and 36. She used to wear saree while doing work at my home. I used to stare at her when she used to work. I was just 18 years old so I was fond of loving and eager to fuck a girl in my life.

My maid was very hot and sexy aunty who used to smile at me when she was doing her work. I was sure that he wants to attract me with her beautiful face and body parts. Her boobs were almost out of her blouse and buttcrack was easily visible when she used to work. I used to stare at her and we both used to exchange smiles. I want to fuck her every moment but I was scared that she will tell my mother about my behaviour and she will be created in my home.

So I didn’t approach her instantly, I was just thinking to seduce her before doing anything.

One day I was changing clothes in my room and suddenly she came inside. She was doing work and she came in to clean the room. I was totally shocked as I was just wearing my underwear. She is some and gives me naughty smile. As my dick was standing due to the cold water bath.

I said her Reema please knock the door next time you come into my room.

She said me ok Vivek. Reema was living in a servant quarter and she used to wash clothes outside and I used to watch her from the first floor. Her boobs for clearly visible when she used to wash the clothes.

One day mom gave me some sweets to deliver to Reema. After that, my mom went to school as she was a teacher.

I thought it is a great opportunity to reduce Reema as she was alone at home. I know the bathing time of Reema exactly at that time I when to servant quarter. My plan work then she was taking the bath and she came out with the towel on her body.

Her boobs were clearly visible in the towel and I was really excited about her looks. She was totally shocked when she saw me in her room and said  Vivek what happened. I said mom gave some sweets for you. She was very shy and was feeling awkward and comfortable when she saw me in her room. Due to this discomfort, she was confused and fell down. I immediately approached her and try to help her from falling down. Her towel was removed and she was totally naked on the floor. I picked her as she was hurt on her knees.

She was hiding her boobs with her one hand and rubbing her knee with the other hand. I consoled her with my words that don’t worry it is fine just rub balm on your knee.

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But she didn’t respond for anything so I took up Bam from the shelf and started rubbing on her knee.

She was feeling good when I was rubbing Bam. I was getting feeling when I was rubbing her knee and I slowly move my hand’s little bit on her thighs. She was also getting excited and little bit moaning was coming out of her mouth.

Now my hands when touching her inner thighs and she closed her eyes and was moaning loudly. I was sure that this is the best time to fuck her. I keep on moving towards her boobs and started rubbing her boobs with my one hand. She was really excited and she was not stopping me from doing anything. I remove my t-shirt with one hand and Boxers after that. now I was totally nude and grabbed her boobs from the back side. She was just saying no leave me to leave me but I was just rubbing her to seduce her for an action. after a few minutes, she was really excited and I smooched her. Now she also started rubbing me on my back and on my thighs. Then she approaches towards my dick and started rubbing my dick harder. I was feeling very excited and now the time has come to start fucking her in her vagina. I open her legs and put my dick in between her legs inside her vagina. She was moaning loudly ahhhhh ahhhhh ufffff fuck me fuck me harder fuck me harder baby. And I increase my speed I started fucking her hard. I slap on her bumps and press her boobs tightly. It was a very intimate Romance time which I spend with her. I fuck her three times continuously and she was totally satisfied with my dick. I screamed at her and squeeze her badly. After sex she said me don’t tell your mother about this otherwise she will expel her from her job. I was feeling very happy because I was also scared of this that she will tell about this incident to mom. But I didn’t show that I am scared and I asked her that if she wants that I should shut up my mouth then he want to fuck her daily at night. She agreed and said that I can fuck her anytime I want but don’t tell your mom about this.

Now I daily fuck her at midnight and we used to have a lot of fun and romance session daily night. No one knows about our relationship, at home she is just a servant and at midnight she is my girlfriend. Now I do whatever I want to do with her she used to give me a blow job, she used to do my massage and she never argues with me about anything.

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