fucked my escort sweety in Delhi

The incident took place 4 years ago when I was in college. I used to live in a rented house with 2 of my college friends. We had hired a maid to do all the household work. Her name was Sweety.

Sweety was in her mid-20s with fair skin with average height. She had 34 size breasts and wear sexy panty. She used to come to our house around 1 pm in afternoon. We used to peak her boobs when she cleaned the floor, and flirt with her on daily basis. She knew that we were interested in fucking her, but she was not giving us much attention. So the day came when I got the opportunity to come closer to her and touch her lips from my own lips.

I asked her to make some tea for me. She made it and bought it on my bed and sat next to me. I started chatting with her. She was wearing red bangles and her fair hands were looking so beautiful. I told her that she is looking very beautiful today to which she said that you say it every day sir. Then I told her that you look gorgeous every day what can I do. I said that your husband is very lucky to have you as his wife. She just smiled and said nothing. Then I asked her about her family and kids. She told me that she had two kids and her husband is not working so she takes care of all the expenses. I felt sad and asked her why he is not working? She told me that he is a drunkard and does not care about me and my children. Then I asked her that why don’t you leave her? She told me that he beats me and threatens that he will kill my children if I leave him. I felt very sad and in sympathy, I held her hands. She didn’t react.

I asked her that if she feels lonely? She nodded her head and said yes. I told her that you should not feel like that I am here for you and if you want some money in advance I can give it to you. She said thank you, sir, you are very kind and she put her another hand on my hand which was holding her hands. Now she was gently rubbing my hands slowly. I felt the warmth of her hands and the heat which was boiling between both was intense. I asked her boldly how is your sex life going? She looked at me and frankly said what sex life sir, I don’t even remember last when I fucked. After listening to this I became very horny. I increased the room temperature by saying this – If I would be your husband I would have fucked you every single day. She gave me a naughty look and by saying this I pulled her hand and she came closer to me.  We both were breathing heavily. My heart was beating fast. I could feel her heartbeat too. The innocent and desperate look in her eyes was feeding me in. She was totally inviting me to explore her body and bring all my wild fantasies into reality with her.

I kissed her on her lips which were half open, trying to resist but not too tight. I hugged her and closed her legs under my legs and started kissing her desperately. Soon she participated in and we both were sucking each other’s lips desperately. Then I pulled her hand and put it on my pant from outside. She started rubbing my cock and soon it became rock hard. Then I turned her around and hugged her from behind. Her huge sexy ass was touching my cock and I was rubbing it on her ass. I pressed her boobs while she was playing with my hair and enjoying it. Then she again turned towards me and kissed me wildly. Licking my tongue and sucking it well, she was damn wild at that time.

I then removed her clothes and she removed my pant. Then she started giving me blowjob. I told her that it is all yours now. The hunger for cock was quite visible in her eyes as they were shining when she saw my huge cock for the first time. She kept sucking my cock so well. From teasing and licking the top tip to sucking my ball sack, she was doing it all for herself. She was trying to release all the sexual she had in her life at that moment and I was enjoying each and every move she was making to satisfy both of us. We fucked for long 2 hours that day. Her pussy was very wet and so juicy that I couldn’t ask for more from her. She kept screaming and moaning all together while I was fucking her pussy very hard. This seemed like a dream come true to me. I fucked her in every single position I knew and she participated. She was brilliant in letting me do what I wanted to do with her body. She herself wanted more and more from me and the wild animal inside was not going to stop any time sooner. She told me this was the best fuck of her life and I kissed her and told her now we will have it every day. She was happy and went back to her home happily.

Now we both fuck almost every day when she comes. We both enjoy it and now she can also bear the pain she had been going through. She seems to be very happy these days and I am in 7th cloud.

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