GB road fun with hot and bold girl

Hi, I am Nitesh today I am going to share my real life experience with you all guys. One Day my friend told me about GB road in Delhi where escort girls are available for sex and fun. I never had sex in my life and I was really excited when he told me about the nude girls and sex at low cost in Delhi. Delhi escort night is a leading agency who is supplying hot girls who are ready to serve you romantic nights and fucking night where you can fuck her full night at 300 rupees only. They are not always a virgin but you will surely get a vagina and hot nude girl in front of you who will not stop you to fuck her. One day we both decided to go to GB Road for sex. He was experienced and have taken escort service before at GB Road. When we enter the Delhi escorts 9 agency at GB Road. We saw hot and sexy girls working here and there from one room to other and sharing their makeup with each other.

One aunty came in the front office and ask us for do you want. We told her that we need two hot and sexy girls for sex today. We how much you will pay as we have many girls at different rates. Our girl’s rates start from 300 and go up to 100000 rupees. We replied that today we need only low amount call girl as we are just taking demo today next time we will bring more money. We paid 300 rupees each and he was sent to different rhymes where only one bed and one girl was available. She was totally nude in the front office and asked to remove your clothes. Then I remove my clothes and jumped on her for sex. I was thinking she will say me stop please don’t come near me etc. But she didn’t respond anything at all interested to hugging me and putting my penis inside her hands. She started rubbing my penis and sat on her knees and put my penis in her mouth for the blowjob action. I was just having fun and I didn’t stop her from doing anything to me. After 5 minutes of blowjob, I leaked into her mouth only.

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Then I open her legs and started fucking her between her legs. I forgot to squeeze her boobs from the mouth but she reminded me to suck me suck me hard.

She was just saying me fuck me hard as much as you can as I am enjoying very much with you don’t stop today until I bleed.

I fucked her three times continuously and she was very happy when I was talking to her. I took her personal number for the next time as she was living in Malviya Nagar. She was very sexy and was not looking at all as a slut. Party me and my friend enjoy the happy session with the cost of only 600 rupees. Now on weekends, we used to go to GB Road for sex services at Delhi escorts 9. This is the best and leading agency who is very popular in Delhi for providing hot and adorable Golden girls with big boobs and jumping ass in Delhi.

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Next day we told her friends about the hot and exciting time which we both spent with hot and sexy girls in Delhi. Nobody was ready to accept that we have fucked two hot and exciting girls in Delhi at just 600 rupees. But the truth is what we felt when we are in the arms of adorable girls in Delhi. I personally feel that this is a place where a person can remove all his stress and worries form life.

That girl which I fucked in GB Road name was Priya. Again next time when I visited Delhi escorts 9 agency I asked for Riya who was from Malviya Nagar and again fuck her with more intense and strong mood. Naira is my friend and she used to meet me outside for date and now I fuck her at her home and she is living alone in Malviya Nagar without any charges.

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Thank you for reading my story how I hot and adorable girl in Delhi at just only 300 rupees in my pocket. Hopefully, soon I will share my new experience with my fucking girlfriend. As fucking is my hobby and I love to fuck more and more girls in my life. I am never tired of fucking hot girls in my life. That’s the reason you will get a new hot and exciting story as soon as possible. Kodak so that I will fuck the hot and exciting girl in my recent upcoming days.

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