sexy girl fucked in Delhi

I was having a quick sex with my neighbor Bhabhi just when she asked me if I would like to have sex with someone else too. I could not say no obviously and got very much excited when she revealed that she wants me to fuck her real sister who has come to see her on her vacations. She told me that her sister has gone through a breakup and is depressed about it. When bhabhi was giving me a blowjob I asked her if her sister wants to fuck with me. She replied that her sister needs a good fuck to forget his ex and she has not got it for a while.

Next day there was a knock on the door. I opened it and saw a girl. She was not very tall and was wearing a tight red color top and black color leggings. I could easily measure her from outside by just looking at her. I said hi and then she told me that she is Sneha and has been told by her sister to meet me. I asked her to come inside. While she was sitting on the couch I bought her Fanta to drink. She suddenly said how come you know I like Fanta? I said no I don’t know about you but I like it. Soon we started talking about each other. I got to know she went through a serious breakup a month before. I could easily tell she is angry and sad from inside. Then I opened the front camera of my phone and went closer to her to click a selfie. She was now very close to me and her fragrance was making me mad. I kissed her on her cheeks while kissing her. She did not resist so I said you are very soft from outside. She replied you don’t know how soft I am from inside. I said I would like to check it. I grabbed her from her back and started kissing her.

She also participated in the kiss. She was not feeling much at that time. I moved my hands towards her ass and pressed it hard. She then came into action and started sucking my lips really hard. Her breast was being pressed by my chest. Her huge melons were asking me to unhook the bra and suck the milky nipples. I removed her top and the sight of her boobs inside the bra was amazing. I furiously pressed her breast really hard and sucked her nipples while she was moaning and screaming. I didn’t stop for a second. Then I went down her leggings and removed them and started licking her wet pussy. It tasted so good. I was deep inside her pussy while she was clenching my head inside her legs very tight.

I started fingering her asshole while I was licking her pussy. She screamed several times in pleasure and then a load of juice came out from her delicious pussy. She became very hot and was breathing heavily. She pulled me closed and licked her juice from my face. Then she removed my pant and loaded her mouth with my rock hard cock. She kept sucking it like she needs it to live. Her eyes were half open and she was licking my dick and sucking the balls like hell. I came into her mouth and she swallowed it just like it is her energy drink. I really liked it. We both started kissing each other for a few more minutes.

My cock had started gaining its position back. I then pulled her hair and asked her to stay in the doggy style position. She followed my words. I then inserted my huge cock inside her and pulled her hair while doing it. I really was intimidating to her and she was enjoying the pain. She was screaming all the time and I kept fucking her really hard. The pat sound was everywhere in the room. After a while, we both came together. It was a very nice fuck I told her. She also said that she needed someone like me to fuck her so that she can forget the moments she had spent with her ex-boyfriend. She told me now she will remember me while masturbating. I replied that you don’t need to masturbate whenever you want to have sex you can come to my place.

So this is my story on how I fucked a girl who badly needed an orgasm to fix her broken heart. Hope you liked it.

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