A lovely day when i got chance to fuck my bhabhi's sister

Hi, I am Vinod Kapoor today I am going to tell you about my recent experience where I fucked my bhabhi’s sister who came to our home for holidays. My brother lives in Delhi and our whole family lives in the same home altogether. My brother is working in the private sector and my bhabhi is also in the same company in Delhi. My bhabhi sisters sweetie came to Delhi for her holidays spend. My bhabhi is from Chandigarh and sweetie was living in Chandigarh. My brother and bhabhi used to go into the office early at 8 o’clock and only sweety and I were at home in the daytime. She used to cook food for me in the morning and then she used to bath. I was free as my summer holidays were going on and I was totally in the mood to get a girlfriend as I was not able to control my feelings and I used to masturbate daily basis. One day bhabhi and brother went for an official tour for todays. Both mean sweety was alone at home.

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One day she was taking a bath in the bathroom. And she forgets to lock the door. In the meanwhile, I was masturbating in my room and after masturbating I was going to the bathroom to wash my hands and penis. The door was open so I directly go inside the bathroom. Sweety was washing her clothes inside the bathroom. She was wearing only a bra and Panty. She was shocked when I entered the bathroom. She asks me, Vinod, what is this why you are inside the bathroom. You should wait for me to get ready first. I was unlucky that day if I would have masturbated soon then I could have seen her nude that would be the happiest day of my life. I told her that I was just masturbating and I came inside the bathroom to wash my hands. She gave me a flirty smile and said ok no problem. But my eyes but still on her boobs and sexy ass. In the night we used to share the same room as there is only two room set. In one room bhabhi and brother used to sleep and another room was for both of us. She used to sleep on one side of the bed and I used to sleep on the floor using one pillow and bed sheet.


That night I told her that on the day she was looking very hot and bold. I was just imagining that moment when she was in bra and Panty. She said that you like in me. I told her and explain that I really love the boobs of hot girls. Your boobs are really really hot and I have not seen any girl who has such sweet and bumpy boobs.

She was impressed by my words and even shocked by my words as she felt me innocent guy till now who don’t know anything about girls. In the night we after talking about girlfriend boyfriend sex kiss boobs and other adult things. Now in the Midnight, we both were fully charged to have a sex. I requested her that I am feeling cold and let me come on the bed. She said ok its no problem at all. You can join me on the bed. After half an hour when she was sleeping I came closer to her and hugged her from the back side. She was not awake so she didn’t respond to anything at all. I started pressing her boobs little bit, now she was moaning the little bit in her dreams.

I was fully charged and now I press her boobs tightly and started fucking her from outside and touching my penis behind her ass.

No, she was awake and asked me what is this what are you doing. I said nothing baby I am just trying to make love with you. She was saying no don’t come close to me. Stay back otherwise, I will tell your brother and sister all about this what you are doing right now. I said ok if you will say I will fuck you right now then do whatever you want. She got scared and said ok I won’t say anything to your brother. What you exactly want to tell me. I said nothing just hug me and let me love you a little bit. She accepted my offer and hugged me now I was fully charged and was just pressing her boobs and licking her vagina with my middle finger. She was fully charged now and was rubbing me and moaning louder and louder. She was saying fuck me fuck me harder. I want you to fuck me in my pussy and just fuck me hard as much as you can. Up me hug me hug me fuck me totally and don’t leave me. I removed her clothes and entered my penis into her pussy and she started jumping on my penis and was shouting louder fuck me fuck┬áme as much as you can.

I fucked her alternate hours in the night.

She was very happy when I was fucking her in the night and she was saying thank God you are with me I was very scared in the night when I use to sleep alone.

This was the first time she was ever fucked in the night. She was just a virgin when I fucked her and 18 years old sweet innocent girl who was being fucked 9 times at the night by me.

Next day brother and bhabhi came back from official tour and ask about the night. Everything is ok and nobody came in the home etc.

She replied that everything is fine and we spend a good time together at home. She didn’t tell anything about sex and fucking and I was very happy that now I can become anytime I want. Now in 6 months when she used to come in holidays to Delhi I used to fuck her at night as I used to fuck my wife now.

Now she is married to a different guy and still, she used to fuck with me when she comes to Delhi to her sister home. I am also married to someone but still, I cannot forget those Nights which I spend with sweetie.

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